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Love and Fertility 6th edition

SKU: love_fertility_6ta

This is a beautifully illustrated full color book that introduces the revolutionary new method, the Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning, in an easy to understand format. Provides practical information along with the latest scientific research and statistical evaluations from around the world. Includes the 6 month charting kit.

This sixth edition has forty additional pages of recent international studies proving its effectiveness for couples struggling with infertility. This is great news because the cost is only the price of the knowledge gained from the book.

The studies show significantly higher chance of achieving a baby in comparison to any current available infertility treatment!

  • Scientifically and Medically Proven
  • 99% effective in postponing pregnancy
  • 85% effective in helping couples with problems of fertility
  • Used in Over 100 Countries
  • Not the Rhythm Method or the Temperature Method
Price: $39.99

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