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Become a Teacher

If you wish to be a teacher of the Ovulation Method, you have to consider the following:

  • You need to take the training course from Family of the Americas
  • You need to do your practicuum which may take 6 to 12 months to complete
  • Materials that will be included for the training and the cost is $650.00 per person or per couple

The complete set includes:

Title Price
MTI Training Manual and Related Readings $175.00
MTI PowerPoint Teaching Presentation CD with 400 graphs that corresponds to MTI Manual $125.00
Set of 4 Small Teaching Posters $20.00
“Love and Fertility” Book, by Mercedes Arzú Wilson with Charting Kit and Natures Method Computer Program $30.00
Small “Love and Fertility” Book by Mercedes Arzú Wilson with Charting Stamps $15.00
“Ovulation Method of Birth Regulation” book by Mercedes Arzú Wilson $20.00
“Love and Fertility” DVD $20.00
“Appreciating your Fertility” DVD $20.00
“Natural Vs. Artificial” DVD $20.00
“Love and Family - Raising a Traditional Family in a Secular World” book by Mercedes Arzú Wilson $25.00
Humanae Vitae $5.00
Familiaris Consortio $5.00
Evangelium Vitae $5.00
Follow Up Checklist For Teachers $10.00
Study Guide for Students $25.00
Final Exam  
                                                                                          TOTAL $650.00
Set of 3 two sided Large Teaching Posters 37.5” X 24.5” (Optional) $200.00


Become a Teacher

One of our best teachers in Guatemala

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