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One of the most significant accomplishments of the twentieth century in the field of human reproduction has been the development of a natural method of family planning: The Ovulation Method. This method teaches women to be aware of the unique properties of a natural secretion produced periodically throughout her reproductive years. Not only does the presence of this secretion signal fertility, it is also essential for conception.

The Ovulation Method

  • 99% effective in postponing pregnancy.
  • Not the old "Rhythm Method" or the "Temperature Method".
  • Scientific Documentation
  • Based on the simple recognition of natural signs of fertility that appears for several days during a woman's cycle.
  • Is for women with long or irregular cycles, breast-feeding mothers and even those entering pre-menopause.
  • Used in over 100 countries worldwide.
  • Ideal for women coming off artificial methods of birth control.
  • Safe, unlike contraceptives that are abortifacients and are known to cause breast cancer, stroke, heart disease, and many other serious side effects.

Understanding the Signs of Fertility

  • To accurately recognize the days of fertility and predict menstruation.
  • To learn a simple, harmless to the body, method that is inexpensive to use and easy to learn.
  • To understand the body and how changes in diet, travel and exercise impact overall health.
  • To be readily available and morally acceptable in conscience to everyone.
  • To remain in harmony with the normal function of the human body (contrary to what chemical and mechanical devices do).
  • To postpone pregnancy when necessary.
  •  To achieve pregnancy when desired.

Extensive information in the book Love and Fertility, pages:

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