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Get the most Revolutionary New Teaching and Charting App to Achieve or Postpone Pregnancy Naturally


Learn the most widely used NATURAL METHOD of family planning in the world – The Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning.
This App is unique because it teaches you the Ovulation Method as you keep your daily chart in a single and easy way. You do not need any complicated calculations or temperature readings. You just need to observe the natural signs of fertility within your body and follow the daily instructions of the App. "Your body knows"!

What’s so Special About this App?

It’s special because it has the Most Advanced Scientific Research and statistical evaluations of any Natural Family Planning Method in the world today. It has been demonstrated through worldwide studies that the Ovulation Method is 99% effective in postponing pregnancy and in a recent study, 91% effective in helping couples achieve pregnancy. This application will allow you to LEARN and keep a CHART of your cycle in a simple and efficient way, throughout your reproductive years regardless of your level of knowledge of the Ovulation Method.

For example:

1. The Ovulation Method is used for women of normal fertility to achieve or postpone pregnancy according to what mode you choose to follow. 2. Women with irregular cycles will be given assistance throughout each day of the cycle to follow the Ovulation Method correctly. The App will help them understand the possible reasons for the irregularity of their cycles and how to correct it with good healthy nutrition and supplementary vitamins. 3. Women who want to conceive a baby will learn that her future baby is the single most important person protecting her from breast cancer. She will know the benefits of nursing her baby for her and her baby and how pregnancy and breastfeeding prevents cancer of the breast in women. 4. Women who are entering pre-menopause are equally successful in following the Ovulation Method when her cycles begin to vary at the end of her fertile life. 5. Women who are under stress will be guided to chart successfully during those difficult stages of their lives. 6. Women who are discontinuing the birth control pill, the patch, Depo-Provera injections, Implants or Intra-uterine devices can learn the Ovulation Method successfully. They will be given instructions as to the possible effects that take place immediately after suspending any of the various artificial methods of birth control in order to follow the Ovulation Method correctly. Because artificial methods of birth control deplete women of basic nutrients, it is advisable to have a good nutritional diet and supplementary vitamins to assist the body to return to normal faster. 7. Successful in helping couples conceive Our unique study conducted to help couples who have trouble conceiving pregnancy is incredible! Out of 54 couples who had trouble conceiving, anywhere from one to 12 years, 50 of them conceived! That is 91% success in achieving pregnancy! There was no need for medication or hormones to regulate their cycles. We accomplished regulating their cycles through good nutrition and supplementary vitamins. So far, this is the highest success rate in the field of fertility. 8. Statistical Study Confirms Low Divorce Rate Our own study confirmed that couples who practice the Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning have a very low divorce rate of only 3%. The reason being that with Natural Family Planning, both husband and wife accept responsibility to either bring life into the world or postpone it. The Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning increases communication between the spouses as they share a deeper intimacy with each other. This increases their feelings of being loved not used. This way they both preserve the family unit more responsibly and are happier and more satisfied in their every day lives. In other words, the couple discover that true love is the gift of self within their family unit.

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