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Clergy & Religious Support

Over the years we have received the incredible support from the most outstanding religious leaders of our time.  Saint John Paul II and Blessed Mother Teresa who always spoke of the benefits of Natural Family Planning and strongly rejected the use of artificial methods of birth control, sterilization and abortion.  His Holiness always gave us his unconditional support and encouraged us to continue our defense for the family.  Mother Teresa also accomopanied us to most of our international congresses for the family which took place in Europe, Asia and the Americas and asked us to please train her Sisters to be teachers of the Ovulation Method to poor families around the world.

We are living in difficult times for the parish priest and the traditional marriage. Today 83% of Catholic women are using artificial methods of birth control and a large percentage are getting sterilized. Consequently they are not living in a state of Grace.  Today's parents are not receiving the proper catholic formation which they must transmit to their children; whole generations will grow up without knowing the blessings of the sanctity of marriage.


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Clergy & Religious Support

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