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The Ovulation Method

Welcome to the Ovulation Method, the most widely used method of natural family planning in the world, because it is simple to learn, statistically more effective than any other natural or artificial method of birth control and it has had the most scientific research of any method in the world.

The bases of the Ovulation Method

The Ovulation Method is based on teaching women the significance of a natural secretion that appears in the middle of her cycle.


Irregularity of Cycles Does Not Interfere with the Practice of the Ovulation Method

The time between the Peak of fertility and the beginning of menstruation is normally about two weeks.  If a cycle is to be long or short, it is the number of days between the end of menstruation and the Peak that will vary.  There may be no dry days before the mucus begins, or the dry days may go on for longer than usual… even for weeks.  The number of days of menstruation and of cervical mucus may also vary.


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