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The Late Prof. Jerome Lejeune

Doctor of Medicine and Natural Sciences
Professor of Genetics, The Faculty of Medicine, Paris, France; Director of Research and Fundamental Genetics, The Faculty of Medicine, Paris, France; Chief of the Department of Fundamental Genetics, Pediatric Hospital, Paris, France; Member,  Royal College of Medicine; Member,  Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Rome; Founder,  Pontifical Academy of Life

“The perfect scientific procedure of mastering nature is the obedience to its laws. And science reveals to us that the natural regulation of births, or rather of conception, is not only possible but fully effective.

Being able to control the fertility of love without abortion, without an IUD, without a pill and with no artificial method of any kind, is completely contrary to current propaganda. But each woman can determine for herself if her physiological condition will or will not permit her to procreate at a given time. In reality, this basic principle has been known since time immemorial - what farmer would take his mare to stud without having made sure that she is really in heat? Certainly, the female organism is much more delicately regulated than that of an animal; the signs of fertility at ovulation time are much less obvious. But with the help of feminine intuition, just as she can distinguish by touch between a silk scarf and a square of rayon or between a cotton cloth and synthetic fiber, any woman can recognize the signs of her fertility by learning what to look for.

The awareness of fertility is the basis for the true freedom of love.”

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