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Postponing Pregnancy

If you need to space your pregnancies, or not to be pregnant at all, you must follow some simple rules:

1. Avoid marital relations on the days of menstrual bleeding

2. During the early dry days, marital relations are open to the couple only every other evening, not on two consecutive evenings

3. Avoid marital relations during the days of any change from dryness to mucus

4. When the "Peak Day" is established with certainly, marital relations are open to the couple from the morning of the fourth


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Understanding the Signs of Fertility

  • To accurately recognize the days of fertility and predict menstruation.
  • To learn a simple, harmless to the body, method that is inexpensive to use and easy to learn.
  • To understand the body and how changes in diet, travel and exercise impact overall health.
  • To be readily available and morally acceptable in conscience to everyone.
  • To remain in harmony with the normal function of the human body (contrary to what chemical and mechanical devices do).
  • To postpone pregnancy when necessary.
  •  To achieve pregnancy when desired.

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