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Achieving Pregnancy

If you have had trouble conceiving a child, or for couples who have already used Clomid or any other fertility treatment, you still have hope for conception.

Often when women are struggling with apparent infertility it is because they are only fertile for a short period in their cycle--possibly only a few hours.

  • The Ovulation Method can be used to help couples achieve pregnancy by assisting them to identify their days or hours of maximum fertility in each cycle.
  • Cervical Mucus is vital if conception is to take place. This remarkable substance nourishes and protects the sperm and also becomes a pathway for them into the uterus where they find their way into the Fallopian tubes to fertilize the egg.
  • Most couples are unaware of the significance of the cervical mucus secretion in achieving pregnancy. Once a woman has learned to identify her fertile days, a couple of normal fertility can usually achieve pregnancy within three cycles.
  • A few women experience the fertile characteristics of the cervical mucus for only a few hours.

Understanding the Signs of Fertility

  • To accurately recognize the days of fertility and predict menstruation.
  • To learn a simple, harmless to the body, method that is inexpensive to use and easy to learn.
  • To understand the body and how changes in diet, travel and exercise impact overall health.
  • To be readily available and morally acceptable in conscience to everyone.
  • To remain in harmony with the normal function of the human body (contrary to what chemical and mechanical devices do).
  • To postpone pregnancy when necessary.
  •  To achieve pregnancy when desired.

Extensive information in the book Love and Fertility, pages:

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