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Love and Family - download

SKU: DL-SP1013

This is a mother's specialized general guide for parents and educators working with children, and includes the experience of the most excellent leaders in the scientific, social and religious sectors. Its family-centered approach combines extensive references with practical suggestions to empower parents who wish to reclaim their positions as the primary educators of their children, especially in the field of human sexuality. This book showcases the tools parents need to guide and protect their children by enriching their knowledge with the most current statistical evidence presented with simple, easy-to-understand graphics. They will become knowledgeable in the field of anatomy and physiology, and acquire positive insights into the most advanced scientific and practical methods of Natural Family Planning. With the tools and knowledge provided here, parents will better understand the needs of their children depending on their age, and will be able to confidently help them through their physical, moral and spiritual growth and development.


Includes 48 colorful illustrations.


This book is in .pdf format. Download takes approximately 1 hour with a 56kbps connection. Approx. 30 MB file size.

Price: $10.00

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