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Full Master Teacher Institute (MTI) Training and/or Correspondence Course

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Following is the full set of materials required to become a Master Teacher of the Ovulation Method. Applicants may inquire to our office as to the dates of our Master Teacher Institute Training classes available in English and Spanish. This course can also be done by correspondence through the correspondence course.

The complete set includes:

Title Price
MTI Training Manual and Related Readings $175.00
MTI PowerPoint Teaching Presentation CD with 400 graphs that corresponds to MTI Manual $125.00
Set of 4 Small Teaching Posters $20.00
“Love and Fertility” Book, by Mercedes Arzú Wilson with Charting Kit and Natures Method Computer Program $30.00
Small “Love and Fertility” Book by Mercedes Arzú Wilson with Charting Stamps $15.00
“Ovulation Method of Birth Regulation” book by Mercedes Arzú Wilson $20.00
“Love and Fertility” DVD $20.00
“Appreciating your Fertility” DVD $20.00
“Natural Vs. Artificial” DVD $20.00
“Love and Family - Raising a Traditional Family in a Secular World” book by Mercedes Arzú Wilson $25.00
Humanae Vitae $5.00
Familiaris Consortio $5.00
Evangelium Vitae $5.00
Follow Up Checklist For Teachers $10.00
Study Guide for Students $25.00
Natures Method Computer Program $10.00
If you love $5.00
Set of 10 teaching lectures in 5 DVDs $100.00
Final Exam  
                                                                                          TOTAL $650.00
Set of 3 two sided Large Teaching Posters 37.5” X 24.5” (Optional) $200.00


Price: $650.00

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