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República Popular de la China

Great achievements have come from our efforts in China after our successful Natural Family Planning teaching and training program.  In 1986 Family of the Amerias Foundation sent our first team to China; we have traveled there five times now.  Our initial goal was to train physicians in Shanghai and surrounding rural áreas.  We are now expanding our training to three other regions of the Chinese mainland.

The enthusiasm for the program is such that the Deputy Director and Head of the Division of Science and Technoogy of the Shangai Municipal Comminission of Family Planning, has personally been conducting teacher training course for physicians in the last two years.

Because of the success achieved, the Chinese government has actually encouranged hundreds of physicians from other áreas to attend our training sessions.

Family of the Americas Foundation was able to finance the printing of 10,000 copies of our book in Chinese as well as charts and teacher training posters, the government has also translated and reproduced our video Chinese, along with our teacher training manual, and other small publicarions and booklets.